Employee Benefits

Workers Compensation Coverage

ERP provides workers’ compensation benefits for the protection of employees with work-related injuries or illnesses. Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage to employees who receive job-related injuries or illnesses.

If an employee is injured or becomes ill as a result of his/her job, it is the employee’s responsibility to immediately notify management of their injury in order to receive benefits.

  • Report every illness or injury to a supervisor, regardless of how minor it appears.
  • ERP will advise the employee of the procedure for submitting a workers’ compensation claim.
  • An employee’s report should contain as many details as possible, including the date, time, description of the illness or injury, and the names of any witnesses.

If necessary, injured employees will be referred to a medical care facility. Employees should retain all paperwork provided to them by the medical facility. Failure to report a work-related illness or injury promptly could result in denial of benefits.

A separate insurance company administers the workers compensation insurance. Representatives of this company may contact injured employees regarding their benefits under the plan. Additional information regarding workers’ compensation is available from management.

Disability Coverage

ERP employees are eligible for disability insurance coverage. Disability insurance provides partial paycheck reimbursement for times of serious illness or injury which leads to total disability. Total disability is defined as the inability to perform any job function as a result of the injury or illness.

For information regarding ERP's disability insurance policy and claiming disability benefits, employees may contact ERP management. The employee is responsible for notifying a supervisor of their disability, expected date of return, and the name of their attending physician. The company may request that an independent medical provider perform an examination. In addition, the company may require a medical release form prior to returning to work. The company reserves the right to modify or terminate any or all of the benefits or to change benefit providers at any time with or without notice.