Employee Benefits



Health Benefits - General Information

East River Pilates Contribution

  • Employee: 

    • East River Pilates covers up to 75% of the premium of medical insurance Empire Silver EPO 3000 

    • 50% of the premium of dental insurance through Guardian 1500 (with Child Ortho)

  • Dependents: Employee pays for the whole premium

Full Time Eligibility

  • Instructors: Consistently teaching 25 hours +

  • Administrative: 40 hours

Waiting Period

  • 1st of the month, 60 days after employee becomes classified as 'full-time'

  • Once an employee is eligible, they may join the group benefits plan at any time during the year

  • If an eligible employee waives health benefits (i.e. declines health benefits through ERP's group plan after becoming eligible), they are required to wait for policy renewal on August 1st of each year to be considered for coverage



Medical Benefits

Provided by Empire BlueCross BlueShield


Silver Coverage

Total Monthly Premium
$775.02 per month


The cost to East River Pilates 75%
$581.26 per month

The cost to you 25%
$193.76 per month
i.e. $96.88 per pay period

Bronze Coverage 

Total Monthly Premium 
$677.27 per month


The cost to East River Pilates 85.8%
$581.26 per month

The cost to you 14.2%
$ 96.01 per month
i.e. $48.00 per pay period



Dental Benefits

Provided by Guardian

Total Monthly Premium
$46.23 per month


The cost to East River Pilates 50%
$23.21 per month

The cost to you 50%
$23.11 per month
i.e. $11.55 per pay period



Workers Compensation Insurance

ERP provides workers’ compensation benefits for the protection of employees with work-related injuries or illnesses. Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage to employees who receive job-related injuries or illnesses.

If an employee is injured or becomes ill as a result of his/her job, it is the employee’s responsibility to immediately notify management of their injury in order to receive benefits.

  • Report every illness or injury to a supervisor, regardless of how minor it appears.

  • ERP will advise the employee of the procedure for submitting a workers’ compensation claim.

  • An employee’s report should contain as many details as possible, including the date, time, description of the illness or injury, and the names of any witnesses.

If necessary, injured employees will be referred to a medical care facility. Employees should retain all paperwork provided to them by the medical facility. Failure to report a work-related illness or injury promptly could result in denial of benefits.

A separate insurance company administers the workers compensation insurance. Representatives of this company may contact injured employees regarding their benefits under the plan. Additional information regarding workers’ compensation is available from management.



Short Term Disability Insurance

ERP employees are eligible for disability insurance coverage. Disability insurance provides partial paycheck reimbursement for times of serious illness or injury which leads to total disability. Total disability is defined as the inability to perform any job function as a result of the injury or illness.

For information regarding ERP's disability insurance policy and claiming disability benefits, employees may contact ERP management. The employee is responsible for notifying a supervisor of their disability, expected date of return, and the name of their attending physician. The company may request that an independent medical provider perform an examination. In addition, the company may require a medical release form prior to returning to work. The company reserves the right to modify or terminate any or all of the benefits or to change benefit providers at any time with or without notice.



Paid Family Leave

As of January 1, 2018, paid family leave is mandatory in New York State. Almost all employees are eligible for paid family leave, and employers must give their employees paid family leave. Paid Family Leave allows for employees to take paid time off work to care for family members who are very ill or have a serious health condition. Family members include:

  • Spouses, of any gender;

  • Domestic partners, of any gender;

  • Children;

  • Parents;

  • Parents-in-law;

  • Grandparents;

  • Grandchildren;

Serious health conditions are illnesses, injuries, impairments, or disabilities that involve inpatient care in a hospital or other health facility, or continuing long-term treatment. Temporary minor conditions such as the flu, cold, earaches, upset stomach, or routine care do not meet this definition. 

Employees are guaranteed up to 8 weeks of Paid Family Leave, which will go up to 12 weeks in 2021. Employers can deduct up to 0.126% more of an Employee's paycheck to cover health insurance during paid family leave. Employees can receive 50% of their average weekly wage while on paid family leave, going up to 67% in 2021. Employers can allow employees to take vacation or sick leave so that the employee can earn a full salary. However, employers cannotrequire employees to take vacation or sick leave for paid family leave. 

Employees qualify for paid family leave after working 20 or more hours a week for 26 weeks (6 months). Employers cannot fire or demote employees for taking paid family leave under state law. Employers cannot terminate health insurance for employees who take paid family leave. 

Contact the Paid Family Leave Hotline for more information.



General Liability Insurance

ERP has general liability insurance policies for all studio locations, including general and professional liability. For information regarding ERP's general liability insurance policy, employees may contact ERP management.