Cardio + Condition

1. Introduction (1 minute)

  • Welcome - 'Hi, my name is 'rockstar' and welcome to Cardio + Condition'
  • Structure - 'If you're new to Cardio + Condition, here's what to expect. This class is divided into two sections. After warming up together, the first half of the class will consist of cardio circuits, followed by the second half of the class, which will be Pilates based conditioning.'
  • Injury Prevention - 'There's quite a lot of jumping in this class, so if you need to modify or take it down a level, feel free to remove the jumps. If you have any injuries, please modify for your body or ask me for a modification.'

2. Warm Up (5 minutes max)

  • Brief and active warm up. 
  • Include roll downs, stretches, planks, mountain climbers, high knees - anything to build heat, stretch, and get the heart rate up.

3. CARDIO section (20 minutes max)

Teach/Demonstrate Cardio Combos (2-3 minutes max)

  • Prepare 4 Cardio Combos to teach.
  • Each Combo should feature 2-3 parts and be one minute in length.
  • When demonstrating, have all clients do it with you so that no one is left standing around getting cold.
  • Feel free to incorporate props.
    Here's an example program:
    • Combo 1 - High knees (30 seconds), Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)
    • Combo 2 - Jump squats (30 seconds), Burpies (30 seconds)
    • Combo 3 - Lunges with right leg forward (30 seconds), Lunges with left leg forward (30 seconds)
    • Combo 4 - Mountain Climbers (15 seconds) Footballer runs (15 seconds) Mountain Climbers (15 seconds) Footballer runs (15 seconds)
  • Verbally refer to 'Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3, and Combo 4' so that our language is consistent across all instructors. 
  • Combo 1, 2, 3, and 4 from the Cardio Section need to be simple so they are quick to teach and easy to learn, explosive,  and heart pumping. Here are some examples of great cardio exercises:
    • High knees
    • Footballer runs
    • Jumping jacks
    • Plank jacks
    • Mountain climbers
    • Burpies
    • Push up jumps
    • Squat jumps
    • Skipping
    • Lunges
    • Tuck jumps

Cardio Section Structure

  • 4 Combos, 3 Rounds - the Cardio Section looks like this:
    • Round 1 - Combos 1,2,3,4 (no breaks in between each combo) | followed by 1 minute break | high fives all round
    • Round 2 - Combos 1,2,3,4 (no breaks in between each combo) | followed by 1 minute break | high fives all round
    • Round 3 - Combos 1,2,3,4 (no breaks in between each combo) | followed by 1 minute break | high fives all round

4. CONDITIONING section (20 minutes max)

  • Introduce the conditioning segment with a strong (2-3 minute) plank series - a combination of forward plank, side planks, shoulder taps, hip dips etc.
  • Remember this is our Pilates conditioning segment and the clients that love this class, are expecting a strong workout, so keep it at intermediate/advanced level and fluid! That means no breaks unless it is a stretch.
  • Mix up your prop choice each week to vary your conditioning segment.
  • Focus on core workextension, arms, and glutes as the majority of the cardio section is leg-focused.
  • Feel free to take requests from clients.

5. stretch + cool down (2 minutes)

  • There's usually only time for one stretch, roll down or balance