Pilates for Mamas


If you've recently welcomed a new baby into the world, congratulations! 

Invest in your body's postnatal recovery and schedule a private with one of our instructors.


Prenatal Policies

To guide you and your baby safely through pregnancy,
we have the following policies in place:

For your first trimester (weeks 1-12), we strongly encourage you to participate in ONLY Prenatal classes. The following classes are not appropriate for pregnant women - Cardio + Condition, Stretch + Lengthen, Adult Beginner Dance, or any regular group class.

From your second trimester onwards (from week 13), you are permitted to join ONLY Prenatal/Postnatal classes.


Postnatal Policies

For your safety, we have the following policies in place:

You must have received permission from your obstetrician, GP, or midwife prior to commencing Postnatal Pilates. We recommend scheduling a Private session with a Postnatal Pilates instructor prior to commencing group Postnatal classes

You are permitted to join ONLY Postnatal or Prenatal Pilates classes until you have received permission from one of our Postnatal Pilates instructors to move forward with regular group classes

Please direct all questions regarding our Prenatal and Postnatal Policies to info@eastriverpilates.com.



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