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Studio FAQs


Great minds think alike, so your question may already feature on our FAQ list.
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What do ERP facilities include?

  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1 shower 
  • Reception
  • Lounge
  • Mat Pilates studio
  • Reformer Pilates studio
  • Water cooler - please bring a drink bottle. In order to be a green company, we do not provide disposable cups
  • Water $1 and coconut water $3 for sale

Does ERP provide complimentary mat rentals?

Does ERP provide complimentary sweat towels?

Does ERP provide bath towel rental?
Yes, for $1.00

What is ERP's cancellation policy for classes?
Strictly 12 hours

What is ERP's cancellation policy for privates and duets?
Strictly 24 hours

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothing you can move in.

What footwear should I wear?
We are a no-shoes studio so please leave your shoes at the door as you enter.

  • For Reformer classes, please wear grippy socks. No bare feet.
  • For Mat classes, socks or bare feet are suitable.

What class should I take if I've never done Pilates before?
We always recommend starting out with a few privates if you have never taken Pilates before or if you are brand new to East River Pilates. We also offer a variety of levels, which will suit a beginner. 

  • Absolute beginners are encouraged to begin with: Mat Pilates: Foundations level, Stretch + Lengthen
  • Beginners are welcome to join: Mat Pilates: Foundations levelMat Pilates: Open level, Stretch + Lengthen, Reformer Pilates: Foundations

What does Open level mean?
This class is open to everyone, and will feature a variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises

Does ERP offer Postnatal Pilates?
Yes, in the form of private sessions. Postnatal clients are also welcome to join our Prenatal Program

Where can I find class descriptions for all classes?
Check out our class descriptions on our 'home' or 'schedule' pages

If I'm late, am I allowed to join?
Yes, as long as it is no more than ten minutes