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Whether you are looking to begin a new career, enhance your current position in the wellness industry, or deepen your personal Pilates practice, all people are welcome to participate in ERP’s Teacher Training program.

Please note course participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the course start date.

No applicant will be denied on the basis of an individual’s race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status or any other status protected by federal, state, and local laws or ordinances.

Who is eligible for the Teacher Training Program?

How much Pilates do I need to have done before becoming taking a Pilates Teacher Training?

We recommend students have a minimum of six months of Pilates experience prior to commencing our Teacher Training Program, and to be familiar with the exercises. This not only helps you better understand the teaching material as it is presented, but also helps you to have a better understanding of what you are going to be teaching your future clients. We will teach you all you need to know to become a rockstar Pilates educator, therefore no prior teaching experience is necessary, though any experience is helpful.

Having a passion for Pilates is certainly a great start to your career as a Pilates instructor. Before you go ahead and sign up for ERP’s Teacher Training Program, we recommend you also take into consideration the many factors that contribute to becoming a rockstar Pilates instructor. Here’s what ERP believes are important character traits in order to ensure this career choice is right for you:

A passion for working with people, exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, patience, kindness, a desire for ongoing learning, and a love for being active.

Please also consider that depending on your studio’s work environment, you’ll potentially be working early mornings, evenings, and weekends.

I love Pilates!
Does that make becoming a Pilates instructor the right career choice for me?

Do I have to come from a dance background to become a Pilates instructor?

You do not need any dance experience to be a rockstar Pilates instructor. Dance can definitely help enhance your understanding of how the body moves, however, you can also gain body awareness from other movement styles and exercise, including yoga, gymnastics, swimming, and martial arts etc. If you have noticed a large number of Pilates instructors also have backgrounds in dance, this is typically due to the fact that Pilates is part of their training, and teaching Pilates is often a great supplement to their careers, offering flexible working hours, which allows for performing, auditioning, and studying.

Can I work full-time as a Pilates instructor?

Absolutely! Like with any new venture, however, it can take time to build a clientele that supports your work on a full time basis, especially if you are transitioning from another career. Typically, new graduates will build their weekly class schedule to supplement their primary work, and when they reach the point where they’ve established enough consistent classes and privates, they will make the transition over to full time teaching. At ERP, we have a number of instructors who work full time (25 hours per week or more), balancing a mix of group classes and privates.

Can Pilates instructors receive health benefits and retirement savings?

Health benefits and retirement savings are typically not available to instructors who teach at multiple studios, or less than full time hours at one workplace. Depending on the studio or workplace, instructors may qualify for health benefits and retirement savings. At ERP, full time instructors (25 hours per week or more) qualify for health benefits and premiums are subsidized. If you wish to receive benefits from a workplace, this should be discussed at the time of employment to ensure you make the right choice when commencing a new job.

What is the Teacher Training application process like?

After applications open online, students will be invited to complete a brief questionnaire. Once this has been received by our Teacher Training team, students will be emailed and given next steps to successfully register for each course. These steps will include enrolling in the course through Mindbody and making a deposit payment.

Each course is instructed by one of ERP's master instructors, with multiple years experience in the Pilates industry. The instructor leading each course will be advertised at the time of application. 

Who instructs each course?

Our Mat Pilates Program permits no more than 20 students.

What is the maximum number of students for each course?

Where will each course take place?

Our N 11th Studio, at 180 N 11th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11211.

For successful completion of our Teacher Training Program, it is a requirement that all in-studio learning hours are attended. For every hour missed, you will be required to schedule a make-up session, one hour for every course hour missed, at the rate of $85 per hour.

What is ERP’s attendance policy?

How long is a typical in-studio training day?

Weekend training days are typically 6-7 hours.

How long will I have access to the Video Portal?

All participants will have access to the Video Portal indefinitely.

When will my complimentary drop-in classes commence?

You will be entitled to complimentary drop-in classes commencing on the first day of your course, up until the scheduled Test Out date. If you have signed up for Mat Pilates Teacher Training, you will be eligible to take complimentary drop-in Mat classes only. For Reformer Teacher Training, you will be eligible to take complimentary Reformer classes only. For Cadillac Teacher Training, you will be eligible to take complimentary Springboard classes only.

Drop-in means that you are welcome to join a class if there is a spot available. This means that we do not offer the option to make a reservation in advance.

Self practice hours are a requirement of our Teaching Training courses, and can be completed by:

  • reading your course manual,

  • studying the instructional videos and voice-overs on the Video Portal,

  • or practicing the exercises yourself at home, at our N 11th Studio, or another Pilates studio.

You are required to complete and document the required number of Self Practice hours prior to the Test Out date.

What the policies for Self Practice hours?

Observation/Participation hours are a requirement of our Teaching Training courses, and can be completed by either observing or participating in a group Pilates class at ERP or another Pilates studio.

  • If you are observing a class at one of our studios, we ask you to sit in our reception lounge so as not to disturb the class.

  • If you are participating in a class, we kindly ask you to take notes after class.

You are required to complete and document the required number of Observation/Participation hours prior to the Test Out date.

What are the policies for Observation/Participation hours?

Practice Teaching can be completed by teaching a variety of clients the exercises you are studying in our Pilates Teacher Training Program.

  • Practice Teaching hours may be completed at home, our N 11th Studio, or another Pilates studio.

  • Our N 11th Studio is open during class times only, and Practice Teaching hours are to begin and end in line with the classes taking place in the main studio.

  • All clients are required to sign a liability waiver before commencing their session.

  • Please note you are not permitted to charge clients for Practice Teaching sessions.

You are required to complete and document the required number of Practice Teaching hours prior to the Test Out date.

What are the policies for Practice Teaching Hours?

ERP is a cashless company, and accepts all debit and credit card payments through an online booking software called Mindbody Online. Courses may be paid for in two payments - a deposit and final payment.

After being accepted into ERP’s Teacher Training program, a deposit of $500 is required to hold your spot within 7 days of acceptance.

Payment is then required in full by the commencement date of each course.

What is the payment process for each course?

Deposit Refund Policy If you are:

  • no longer able to attend the Teacher Training course you signed up for,

  • and your course has not yet commenced,

we will happily issue you with a Mindbody account credit of the full deposit amount ($500) to be used toward any of ERP’s services and products.

Full Course Payment Refund Policy If you are:

  • no longer able to attend the Teacher Training course you signed up for,

  • and your course has not yet commenced,

we will happily issue you with a refund of the full account minus the deposit amount, plus a Mindbody account credit of the deposit amount ($500) to be used toward any of ERP’s services and products.

After Commencement Refund Policy

Once your course has commenced, no refunds or account credits are available. In the case of injury or illness, you will be permitted to attend a future course.

What is the refund policy for each course?

For each course, students are required to complete a digital written and in-studio practical test out at the time specified at the beginning of each course. All practice hours need to be completed before test out dates.

If a student does not meet the passing requirements, the student has the opportunity to re-sit the test a second time at the fee of $150. The second test must be scheduled within three months of the original test out date.

What is the test out process for each course?

Will successful completion of this course qualify me for teaching at ERP?

Each student who has successfully tested out will be welcome to audition for an Instructor Position at ERP. However, employment is not guaranteed.

Our courses are not yet PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) certified. We are in the process of applying for PMA certification.

Is ERP’s Teacher Training Program PMA certified?

What are ERP’s Teacher Training attendance policies?

Full attendance is required at all Teacher Training course days. Missing any number of hours due to lateness, prior commitments, or leaving early will require students to make up the time privately. For every hour missed, students are required to schedule private tuition hours with the teacher trainer at the price of $85 per hour. Scheduling makeup private sessions is subject to instructor availability. All hours must be completed before the test out dates.

The test out will involve two exams - one written and one practical, after the completion of all Self Practice, Observation/Participation, and Practice Teaching hours. The written component will be an online exam, and will involve a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions. The practical test out will take place at our N 11th Studio and will involve supervised teaching and case studies. Both exams require a minimum 80% grade to pass. Included in each course is the opportunity to complete one Test Out. If a trainee fails the first test out, additional attempts will be charged at the following rates:

  • $50 (plus tax) to re-sit all online exams

  • $150 (plus tax) to re-sit all practical exams

What is the Test Out process like?

What is the price of one-on-one mentoring as an ERP Teacher Training student?

Private mentoring is available to all ERP Teacher Training students at the discounted rate of $85 per hour.