Athletic, Technical, Feel-Good Workouts


Mat Classes


Mat Pilates

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An all-time favorite! Grounded in technique, anatomy, and controlled movement sequences, Mat Pilates classes incorporate low-impact exercises designed to improve your overall strength and stability, alignment and posture. With emphasis on the body's core, Mat Pilates classes feature a variety of props, modifications, and progressions to make each class engaging and challenging.

Foundations The ideal class if you are new to Pilates. Learn fundamental Pilates principles at a beginner’s pace, increase your body's awareness, and master the basics of Pilates with this informative class.

All Levels Our most diverse class level, incorporating a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced repertoire. Develop your technique, build endurance, and experiment with advanced progressions in this versatile class.

Advanced This challenging level is suitable if you are highly experienced in Pilates. Perfect your technique, master advanced repertoire and progressions, and increase endurance with this dynamic class.


Cardio + Condition


Prepare to sweat! Cardio + Condition classes combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with advanced Pilates conditioning. Specially created to elevate your heart rate, these classes will take you through a warm up, followed by explosive cardio circuits and Pilates sequences that will strengthen you to the core. You will leave feeling physically energized and positively empowered.


Stretch + Lengthen

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The ultimate self care for your body. Complement your weekly workout routine with this relaxing, explorative, and educational class. On your mat with foam rollers and massage balls, you will perform deep stretches and learn manual release techniques to prevent injury, maintain your body’s youthfulness, and relieve stress. Breathe, let your body unwind, and your mind relax. 


Baby + Me


Workout with your baby by your side. Baby + Me Pilates classes are supportive, educational, and designed to help new moms fully recover from childbirth. While your baby is positioned at the front of your mat, our Postnatal instructors will discuss common postnatal conditions, address questions and concerns, and guide you through a range of safe Pilates sequences to help accelerate your postpartum recovery. With specific focus on toning your pelvic floor muscles, relieving muscular tightness, and treating rectus abdominal diastasis, this class will leave you feeling connected to your body, stronger, and equipped to master the physical demands of being a mom.

No stroller parking available. Please carry your baby.

Baby + Me Pilates is designed for new moms with babies not yet crawling. Please bring blankets and anything else you need to settle your baby during class. Breastfeeding is welcome. All babies must be accompanied by a legal guardian. 


Equipment Classes

Socks are required for all equipment classes. Grippy socks encouraged.



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Reformer Pilates Strengthen and lengthen your body with Reformer Pilates! These classes utilize spring-resistance technology to target specific muscle groups and highlight muscular imbalances to maximize your body's potential. Combining technical and athletic Pilates repertoire, props, and progressions, our Reformer Pilates classes are contemporary, creative, and fun! With exceptional instruction, intelligent sequencing, and personalized feedback, you will benefit from improved overall strength, muscle functionality, alignment, flexibility, balance, body awareness, coordination, and endurance.

Foundations The ideal class if you are new to Pilates. Gain experience on a reformer, learn fundamental Pilates principles, and refresh your Pilates technique with this informative class.

All Levels This versatile level is recommended if you have previous experience using a reformer. Develop your technique, practice modifications, learn progressions, and build resistance with this mixed level class.

Advanced This challenging level is a suitable option if you are very experienced on a reformer. Master advanced repertoire and progressions, and increase spring intensity with this dynamic class.

Jump Board This fast-paced cardio Reformer class for experienced clients. Similar to a trampoline, this class uses Jump Boards to heighten your heart rate, challenge your cardio endurance and improve your ankle, knee, and hip stability. This class incorporates a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced repertoire, particularly emphasizing your core and legs.

Reformer Stretch These classes are rejuvenating, informative, and carefully sequenced to improve your overall flexibility. Utilizing the Reformer’s spring resistance options to tailor individual stretches, you will spend the first portion of class warming up your body and then seamlessly flow through series of gentle and deep stretches. Enjoy the opportunity to find stillness in this class, release tension, and encourage tight muscles to loosen and joints to open.


Prenatal + Postnatal


Our combined Prenatal + Postnatal Pilates classes are suitable for women at all stages of pregnancy and birth recovery. Join us at our three Brooklyn locations, where we offer mamas specially designed Reformer and Springboard classes daily. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment to prepare your body to meet the physical demands of carrying your baby, and to condition the muscles that will assist your labor, delivery, and recovery. Saturated with technical information, classes focus particular attention to postural alignment, pelvic floor conditioning, and prevention and treatment of rectus abdominal diastasis.

Whether you’re newly pregnant or recovering from a vaginal or Caesarean birth, these classes will leave you energized, educated, and empowered with the support of our passionate prenatal instructors and community.



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Springboard Pilates Fine tune your body awareness and alignment with this technical class! Using a wall mounted apparatus with independent springs, our Springboard Pilates classes feature controlled resistance training to improve your balance, core strength, symmetry, alignment, and joint stability. As the springs move individually, the Springboard highlights asymmetries in your body, challenging your limbs independently. With endless repertoire possibilities on this equipment and ability to target muscle groups so specifically, our Springboard Pilates classes are guaranteed to provide a strong foundation to first-timers, and advanced challenges to the most experienced of Pilates lovers.

Springboard: Cardio + Condition Prepare to sweat! Springboard Cardio + Condition classes follow the same structure as our Mat version, but have the additional benefit of working with spring resistance. They begin with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) followed by challenging Pilates conditioning, with the added challenge of spring resistance training from the Springboard. Specially created to elevate your heart rate, these classes will take you through a warm up, followed by explosive cardio circuits and Pilates sequences that will strengthen you to the core. You will leave feeling physically energized and positively empowered!