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These 5 Pilates Studios Have Fierce—and Incredibly Fit—Followings for a Reason

‘Kimmy Kellum’s introduction to the Williamsburg Pilates scene had a bright, if informal, start a few years ago: On her rooftop overlooking the East River...She soon…set down roots on South First Street, with a bright, inviting space offering reformer and mat classes…’

8 Ways to Get Over a Breakup in the Big Apple

‘A good sweat can have the same effects as an antidepressant. Sign up for a class at...East River Pilates...’

The Next-Level Form of Stretching That Will Relieve Hamstring Tightness For Good

‘The nerves are the part of the body that are setting your physical limitations. If they’re in healthy condition, they give your body permission to move deeper.’



15 Productivity Habits These Female Entrepreneurs Swear By

‘Kimmy Kellum, Founder of East River Pilates quotes: Taking a bath. Yes, even in the Summertime...’

8 Prenatal Workouts For Pregnant Women

‘Regular Pilates is a solid low-impact exercise option, but there are still some moves "that simply aren't prenatal safe," says Kimmy Kellum, founder of East River Pilates in NYC and developer of its Prenatal Pilates class…’

Hey Lena Dunham, Do You Have ClassPass?'

‘...since Lena is all about everyone coming as they are, she’ll like the judgement-free, welcoming environment.’



We Looked at 1,688 Pilates Teachers in New York City and Picked the Top 20

‘East River Pilates, located in Brooklyn, New York, aims not to be the average Pilates studio because it offers a wide array of feel-good and technical workout sessions.’

I took Pilates every day for a month — and was shocked by the physical and mental results

‘At the end of the month, I had a stronger core and much better posture, as well as slightly lessened anxiety.’

Book These 20 Fitness Instructors Now

‘The Australian founder (Kimmy Kellum) of Williamsburg’s East River Pilates teaches classes that are low-impact, but you’ll certainly feel them your abs the next morning.’



A La Cart: Pamper Edition

‘A reformer pilates class at East River Pilates in the morning makes me feel *thumbs up*. It's not too overwhelming and so focused on specific areas of the body. It just stretches you out.’

The Best Pilates Mats, According to Pilates Instructors

'Kimmy Kellum, founder and director of East River Pilates, also recommended Manduka mats, which she uses in her studio and says are “in exceptional condition after years of use” and dry quickly between classes.'

Summer's Best Workouts!

‘...East River Pilates has already become the go-to fitness destination for its genuinely fun and feel-good classes...’



11 Best Pilates Studios in Brooklyn

‘…Dancer Kimmy Kellum started hosting pilates classes for friends on the rooftop of her apartment overlooking the East River…Stop by her South 1st Street studio for classic mat pilates, a more advanced reformer pilates, or specialty classes for moms and moms-to-be.’